Gas is the cost of using the Ethereum platform. All update and computational tasks in any smart contract from deployment to usage consumes gas. This gas is then paid to miners of the blockchain, the guys behind updating the network.

Becoming a coder who knows solidity and javascript is not enough. One should exercise caution and on deploying codes in the platform as it has economic implications. I fully understood this problem because I was an accountant/business guy before I became a coder. I encourage business owners, developers to do a macro approach in the overall costs of the deployment, use of functions and services from smart contracts before putting it live in the blockchain.

I’m drawn to this issue because of the concept of mapping arrays instead of for-loops which is not a native concept of JavaScript. And it stuck with me to take the approach with programming language solidity to not only rely on my knowledge on JavaScript. I should double down on harnessing as well different concepts adopted to create the language as it also uses C++ and Python.

I just thought of breaking down my work today (on a Sunday), and still a lot of work to do to improve the craft..

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