I’m in the most challenging phase of my life right now. The goal is to unlock my potential.. Not all may understand why I do what I do.

But it’s okay, the only thing that matters is that I’m aware of that inner voice, that drive to bring long lasting impact to the world, whatever it takes.

I’ve never been challenged like this, but never had the same opportunity as well. People of the common thinking would have reserved back to settling to the nine-to-five job again in pursuit of the comfortable life. My daily meditation had brought me to thinking that life should be viewed in ten to twenty or thirty years macro views but tackled in the micro as fast as possible. Daily nine to fourteen hours of coding might seem like hell but I believe the compounding effect of it will make sense later on. Nothing valuable should come easily as well.

People think I’m crazy and it’s okay. The constant energy deployed to achieving something of importance will eventually lead to better results, rather than focusing on the massive noise of others who have accepted the fact that they will work on other people’s dreams instead of theirs. Focus on the rare people that believe in me.

And it yielded glimpses of remarkable feat. I was able smash fear and anxiety and code a blockchain smart contract deployed in ethereum. Though it is not perfectly executed, it’s an accomplishment that I never have imagined possible. I broke out of the cycle where you were just to receive instructions from someone else. I command my destiny now. As I continue this experience of gunning out realizing my full potential,there will be hurdles that will come to my path.

There’s no other way, the obstacle is the way.

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