What I’ve been trying to develop within my skillset is Grit for the past month a half. More commonly known as persistence, it enables successful athletes, influencers & leaders to punch through any obstacle no matter what.

This is very important as a programmer in the blockchain space, where there are tons of problems to solve, tons of technology issues and less information to refer with. I truly believe this is a skillset for the future. I had experienced it a couple of times where some of my courses does not explain how a specific procedure actually works. Then you research it on your own and test if you are going to be comfortable reading through tons of data, possible solutions to what error or roadblock you are experiencing.

Being comfortable with the uncomfortable situation of not knowing the answer. I am not a true master of it but I believe coding on blockchain is the best way to mold my capability to adapt into any problem and develop Grit.

Chaos is everywhere. From your work, media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your parents and the list goes on. Learning true persistence is essential in our very noisy and chaotic world. That is why I must continue my routine, code 10 to 14 hrs per day, 7 days a week.. I also encourage anyone to just try even once in their lifetime to solve even just one problem that bugs them the most with code. I believe coding is a good blueprint to solve any problem in business or even life..

Which brings me to my main topic, Grit or persistence I believe essential to navigate life. If you haven’t taken the chance to look introspectively on how to come up with solutions to problems that seem impossible to solve… Your not basically living up to your true potential.

visit my website: https://migueldeguzman.github.io

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