I built a simple Ethereum project deployed to rinkeby network. It is part of my solidity course in Udemy and pretty proud of finishing it.

The whole project taught me a lot of insights :

  • Now I understand why Solidity programming is a strongly typed scripting language. Since blockchain technology essentially is a cryptographic database system, the language needed to pull it together needs to be robust enough to be able to implement code like typical database language like SQL.
  • React.Js is highly compatible with implementing blockchain projects running on Ethereum. Communication with Ethereum through web3.js can be easily implemented through NPM. Metamask web3.js injection can easily be cured through reactjs framework by the use of import export statements.
  • It’s way easier to implement than a typical node.js – express.js – postgresql stack for backend, I find the technology much easier to understand and it really makes sense to me. Solidity really is like a hybrid javascript with sql, and to interact with a deployed contract in the blockchain is not that bad.

These firsthand impressions are still subject to change. I can’t wait to try a bigger project with Ethereum and see how this initial experience expands.

If you want to view my project you can check it out at https://migueldeguzman.github.io/lottery-react-metamask/. Again, It is deployed in the rinkeby network. You should also have an installed metamask chrome extension to view it’s functionality.

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