Super typhoon Haiyan (locally known as Yolanda) destroyed the middle part of the Philippines in 2013. I was working in Africa as an accountant at the time. It was the strongest storm (230kph) in our country’s history. It took all the ocean waters with it and killed thousands of people and left damages in billions of pesos. I felt hopeless at the watching its wrath. Because I’m really sure that it will happen again. I have talked about it a lot of people. What I feared at time is coming straight to the island of Luzon tomorrow. Typhoon Mangkhut will hit us really hard at 225kph.

I just knew that 7.7 billion of us had forgot our role in preserving the world. We accepted the norms of our forefathers, government and society to consume, cut trees, manufacture, use technology and maximize fossil fuels. The way we accept the need for food, plastics, rubber, petroleum, computers, smart phones, battery packs and infrastructures had led us to consume at an unprecedented rate considering our vast number in population. I have observed that as well in El Nido, Palawan. What was beautiful before became mediocre because of our greed for experience and consumption.

But now the daunting questions for me are:

  • Did our country improve after super typhoon Haiyan?
  • Is the government more capable of responding to the aftermath?
  • Do all of us, citizens of the world accept the fact that we had contributed to some extent climate change? the garbage continent as big as France?
  • Our population will increase for another 2 billion people in three to five years.. I wonder if we still have fishes to harvest and support 10 billion people?

As the storm is a thousand kilometers away from our country as of this writing. All we can do is prepare and be resilient…

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