Cultural immersion. This culture that was created by the Government, schools and media have corrupted the minds of people.

Education systems halted creativity.

Filipinos lost their hearts and got pushed to working jobs that they’re not passionate about.

Many great ideas never got created.

Just destroyed dreams or never dreamt at all.

If you ask a kid if who he/she idolizes… 99% of the time it will be a YouTube star, a singer, an artist or a politician. This will be the downfall of future generations. Society will collapse as we have a weakened generation.

Mindless thugs for the factory of few. Built to consume and not create. Built to walk like dead people. Even though Filipinos are very resilient, the big failure is we always comeback to the same system of economy. We are consumers. We don’t speak truthful of ourselves. We focus on speaking the lives of some famous people from another country instead. This system will not bring greatness in a country divided by ideals and norms borrowed from the world.

The only hope I see is a catastrophic event that will pull us together to our senses. I’m not wishing for something to happen. I just believe that the hard times pull the greatness in people.

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