This project was included in my course on blockchain/ethereum/solidity and because I needed a lot of practice in Reactjs, I dived into it over the weekend.

It paid off.

It was a grear flex for my coding skills and nerd eyes(ability to read machine language, someguy named Stef from Canada calls it as that). I also observed that I improved on building projects from four to six days to a day and a half time. Though the mobile responsiveness still needs fixing, I am really proud of how fast I built the project.

I realized something after finishing the project. I think the YouTube app could be more faster. My version is a lot faster, but I do have theory that explains why YouTube is slower (kind off).

YouTube needs to run it’s “algorithm” and “ads” and it’s required to slow down the video stream. Asynchronous calls needs to be ran from the backend servers to front-end apps so that all data needed to be shown (in the form of videos) are readily available for the users. You can test my theory with the searchBar I made for the prototype.

What should I build next….?

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