Coding is like a high prison wall that you need to climb every day. But it’s not Why I focused on repeating the same project four times..

  • I need to become good in Reactjs as it is the overlying environment recommended for coding on Ethereum.
  • I tested my knowledge in JavaScript. Functions , objects, looping, arguments, instantiation, and destructuring are well distributed as practice sets throughout the project.
  • To reinforce my knowledge on React. State, props, JSX.
  • Become more and more comfortable with code.

React is a really good coding environment. It provides all the best modules node has to offer. It has it’s own document object model called React-DOM. It teaches programmers to think in components. I highly recommend this programming environment.

I try to focus on quality now, quality of learning. Build for legacy. Build for the future and not just create stuff for the sake of creating. It works. I think all coders should adapt this kind of thinking.

If you want to see this cool project, here is the link.

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