Though the book largely focuses on how us humans evolved and altered the existence of all living things all over the world (including our own), the explanation of Yuval Noah Harrari in on how us humans embraced the concept of money as a force of unification caused me to reflect on what is needed to create a stable cryptocurrency.

Money provided concensus in the ancient times. Traders of goods & services just need to remember the prices of each item and easily buy it with shells or silver. Money also allowed the convenience to farmers and they no longer need to carry sacks of rice or dragging cattles wherever they go. Money also allowed people to store value for future use, since it’s not perishable.

Stable coins should take into account the focus on adopting concepts Yuval explained:

  1. Consensus
  2. Convenience
  3. Store value of wealth

History always repeats itself, slightly modified by technology and us. Reflecting on how money was key to the progress of mankind I believe will be key to unlocking the promise of a universally accepted cryptocurrency.

I also highly recommend that you read his book Sapiens. One of the best books ever made.

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