It’s a process. Debugging is a common coding routine for developers and I am getting used to it.

But as promising as blockchain really is, a lot of technology built around Ethereum still breaks, we are still in its very early stages. Deploying a project in rinkeby network was the task today but after multiple efforts I couldn’t figure out twhy my code can’t be deployed even if I have ether coins in my account and have done all the necessary steps. I now know how hard it was to code in the early 90s while the Internet is still at its infancy.

Even the existence of stack exchange or github can’t dispel my agony. It’s very hard to find great references. As Stephen Grider of Udemy explains that at the moment, it is very difficult to rely on code libraries because there is a lot of changes, improvements going on. He stressed out that a high degree of patience is required.

That led me to finishing the day through coding advanced CSS and refreshing my Javascript knowledge throughout the whole day instead of wasting time.

Well, it sucks but it’s a process.

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