Scalability in Ethereum is a big issue now. Whatever DAPP (decentralized application) you design, develop and deploy to the main network, it will not be fast enough to serve customers as a limitation of the proof-of-stake validation of every block (less than a million per day). Though there is inherent value in learning solidity in ethereum for me, the ability create real world projects is close to remote for now until somebody will be able to fix this problem of scalability.

That led me to experimenting on Hyperledger. It’s one of the few blockchain protocols that shows promise because of its ability to scale and secure privacy for its users. The amount of support it gets from big enterprise companies (like IBM & SAP) also shows promise. I am auditing one course in Coursera now and looking forward to see where this goes.

The course link:

If you want to learn more about developing on the hyperledger fabric, checkout their website:

visit my website:

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