This is a very big issue now for the technology. As promising as decentralizing the world’s information and economics, scaling blockchain technology to reach mass market adoption is its biggest. Now, “Ethereum can only process seven transactions per second” which means that the maximum number of customers it can handle per day is only 604,800. That number is a fraction (.002016%) of the 3 billion active internet users per day and that clearly shows that we will not yet see it in larger scale in the next coming years.

This have a lot of implications on ICOs seeking (or have seeked) capitalization because most of them are marketing on the notion that their services can scale on broader audiences which is hardly not achievable at our current state of technology in the present.

There are various technologies being experimented to tackle this big problem. One of them is Cosmos ( which introduces cross-chain protocol that serves as a networking hub that connects separate blockchains, thus distributing workload and run-time of proof-of-stake in the process.

I hardly don’t want to scare people in my ideas but stating the truth about any issue is the only path moving forward. Blockchain technology obviously will revolutionize the world but it will still need to evolve to be able to serve humanity.

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