Ameer Rosic, CEO Blockgeeks stated too much scarcity in developers that know how to code in the blockchain space and experts that truly understand cryptoeconomics.

I firmly agree to his statement, as crucial as a transformational technology that blockchain holds promise, the need for developers that will adhere to software construction standards and best practices is critical at its early stages.

The world of crypto needs more coders who can think and educate themselves and non-coders. I think all coders should create their blogs or vlogs to share information and their own experiences to create momentum for awareness and hopefully adoption.

The success of blockchain technology will be seen if it reaches mass adoption all over the world. My bet.. I think it will be in the creation of a stable version of bitcoin that’s why I really love the concept of “stable coin” being explained by Blockgeeks’ Niloo Ravaei in one of their YouTube videos. I’m quite excited to see my version of a stable coin concept in the weeks to come.

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