I always believe in Benjamin Franklin’s words:

“If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write things worth reading, or do things worth writing.”

I started learning programming after deciding that I will learn blockchain technology back in April in Calibangbangan Island, Linapacan, Palawan. After a year of living a life of limited resources: gasoline, electricity, toothpaste, soap, clean water, drinking water (we drink rain water there) it shaped the way I view the world. I realized how important the power of technology, its not about the lack of it but its potential to open people’s minds to learn what’s possible and dream bigger. A lot of times when I share stories to the locals of the islands, they think I am from either a liar or from outerspace because my experiences in Dubai or traveling Southeast Asia was too hard to believe . The lack of technology in distributing information affected their minds in absorbing even real stories. The lack of electricity slowed down my programming skills until I went back to the cities in July 4th.

Internet is a big problem in the Philippines. Data is limited to 800mb (megabytes) max 4g speeds in my carrier, that size is enough only to upload an eight minute high definition video in YouTube and then you don’t have anymore data the whole day. This post is inspired by this very problem because I was unable to finish debugging and installing the web3 library (a package needed to access the ethereum network) in my windows laptop. It sucks that I need to wait until tomorrow to reset my data plan and get another 800mb again just to continue researching a solution to the error. Even though I have been coding a lot now in a province near Manila, the limited data packages has been haunting me.

Despite these problems, I try to focus on learning and becoming better at programming. As a practitioner of stoicism, I highly value my response to setbacks and choose to be productive. I refuse to think the “I-am-a-victim game” or even the “complaining game”. I know that the problems I encounter are more solvable than that on the other side of the world where people are dying because of stupid wars and hunger.

Despite the downsides of my circumstances as a programmer.. I choose to acknowledge the opportunity to build, create and share instead of hate, destroy or complain, I want to make sure that whatever I do reflects Benjamin Franklin’s wonderful advice.

visit my website: https://migueldeguzman.github.io

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