“It’s probably one of the best books ever made for self development, I highly recommend it to anyone trying to change something in their own space to grab a copy of the book.”

Thinking 10x means… If you want to achieve a goal, you will multiply that same goal 10 times, expect 10 times the number of problems that you will encounter and realize that you need to multiply your efforts 10 times. This concept explains how people achieve extraordinary amount of successes and build on it.

Thank you Grant Cardone. I’m just sad a that I got to read this book only a week ago. I find structure and solitude in the idea of “massive results needs massive actions” and that very idea could have propelled me in ways I never thought possible.

Now I’m trying to apply the 10x rule in learning Ethereum and Solidity.

visit my website: https://migueldeguzman.github.io

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