Luck didn’t just miraculously come from the heavens and ignite the angels to sing to me every night with lullabies thus, allowing me to enjoy these life changing experiences. I just decided that I will always frame my feelings, beliefs and decisions to abundance and positivity.

One of the most controllable outcomes in life is the way we accept our experiences.

I could have kept on criticizing how high the cost of living in Dubai is and end up hating my experiences there.

I chosed to love the memory of being able to speak a language strongly connected to the history of my nation instead of remembering how hard living in Equatorial Guinea was for a first time OFW (overseas Filipino worker).

The universe opens itself to the ones that truly understand that everything that happens is a learning process.

In my morning notes, I put all the words I can channel in my e-diary when I come to this question:

What am I grateful for today?

I push my mind to reflect on the best what life has to offer. Absorb all the love from the universe and eventually wiring up the whole day, starting at peak positivity.

This is why I feel I’m one of the luckiest people in the world. I push myself to become appreciative of this ridiculous gift we call life.

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