Getting back to coding after four days was hard as I needed to focus on the Mindvalley initial interview. I made it and now waiting for the 2nd interview.

But now I’m back to doing coding stuff! Focusing on the basics again (html, CSS and JavaScript). I’m illustrating also my representation of the way JavaScript works…

I try to sketch it out with my blue pen and notebook, picture it like baking! The oven is the browser, the utensils as predefined JS codes and then the mixtures as coder defined variables and objects.

Mr. Jim Kwik explained that you must associate what you learn in notes or pictures that you can later turn into stories that forms your imagination. It helps one to retain information much better. That is combining your left brain and right brain to create stronger memory.

I’m ways away from becoming the greatest but I have improved a lot in 31 days. I still need to get better, the smartbrain project got stalled, the moonlight project needs a lot of content and I still need to finish uncle Bob’s clean code. Still a lot to go!

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