I always find it a hard time hearing people complain. Complaining doesn’t solve the problem. When you complain, you become a problem.

The choices you make, creates you.

The problem: You draw the comfort of blaming. It’s the easiest to do. Lash out at the ill, the lost or the dead. The inanimate. The news. Society. Media. Politicians. Government. Weather. Your mom. Your dad.

The sad truth to this: you forgot to mention YOU. You fail to accept the fact that you are responsible for your problems. To the problems you cannot solve, you are responsible for your “response”.


Your ability to control your mind in the existence of human emotions will be invaluable to your growth and happiness. It will reflect to the relationships you build, your parenting skills, your work or business, your legacy to the world.

The next time you can’t solve a problem, don’t complain and become part of it. If you can solve the problem..solve it without saying anything. Build a legacy that you won’t regret when you’re 90.

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