So much problems that I couldn’t upload my reactjs app to github today. The first hour it’s okay. Still motivated. I was a little bit anxious after 2 hours, until I found the right internet resource. Every answer in your problem is one google away but you must have the patience to dig and trust yourself that you can find it.

I think nowadays, the “lack of patience” in us is a problem, I can associate similar to a cancerous ailment in our brain. Enduring coding in a hot humid day, digging through 3 years worth of conversations, reading line by line, deploying codes left and right. Take some breaks. Eat lunch. Then dig again. Then some magic you find the solution. That is how all websites, apps or technologies are being created today, done in a heuristic approach.

From the book Code Complete, Steve McConnell pointed out that you can think of computer coding as a “heuristic approach” or in layman’s term “discovery through trial and error”. There is no guaranteed path. No guidelines. No map. You have to find it. You need to dig it. Try. Rinse. Repeat. You can compare it to farming or growing pearls (trust me he said culturing pearls is like building software)

But the feeling of discovery is so liberating. Being able to finally create a simple working portfolio is so motivating and fascinating for me. You can check it out.

Such a great day for coding. Another reason to be grateful for.

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