I decided that when I left Navotac last month that I would either engage only one these three things till the I die:

  1. Plant more trees
  2. Computer coding
  3. Education

These areas of interest are the only things that wouldn’t destroy nature and have the capacity to make long lasting positive impact. Life is short, anything that we do will affect future generations. These are the pursuits worth taking.

  • Climate change is happening at scale
  • Plastics in the Pacific created a mass as big as France multiplied by three
  • Poor parenting because of outdated practices
  • Highest suicide incidents, people getting more depressed

Are you humanity+ or humanity-?

This very statement came from Mindvalley’s founder Vishen Lakhiani. I really recommend everyone to consider their work at Mindvalley. They are one of the greatest companies ever built. They are advancing humanity for the future.

Are you helping the world advance for the future or not?

visit my website: https://migueldeguzman.github.io

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