When I was traveling Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia in January 2017 for three months I got a lot of profound ideas. One of them is people from different nations are equal in hostels, we can share the same table, room or even ideas and perspectives. Racism didn’t exist. It blew my mind to the fact that living in the Philippines I was told by society that we can’t basically do that.

If we can coexist, why can’t we tear down the idea of visas and let everyone enjoy the world. Why can’t we build solar panels in middle east and produce all of the world’s need for electricity and it would be free.

Now I’m so excited to know that there are a lot of organizations that try to tackle this problem: how to advance humanity and move forward with unity. One that I have been consuming a lot of its content lately is Vishen Lakhiani’s Mindvalley U and their drive to upgrade the world’s current educational landscape.

He said it best. We are a product of the culturescape. We also share the same vision that religion did work before to unify clusters of nations but it would not work at this day and age alone. He nailed it, advancing the world’s consciousness is the key to humanity’s success in the coming decades. I believe that. I’m on board to the project as they are at the core of what I truly believe in.

I really feel more hopeful of the next coming years. I also applied as an entry-level software developer at Mindvalley. Developing my skills as a software developer and helping the world advance it’s consciousness is life worth doing and living.

Looking forward to hearing from them.

visit my website: https://migueldeguzman.github.io

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