We form our basic understanding the moment we are born in this world, totally out of our control. Our parents are responsible for providing our initial education, values and resources. They are responsible for our learning structures. This is how it has been in the modern era.
Parents are on a trial and error approach. Always. They rely on their experiences from their own parents and applying such experiences is very inappropriate since the environment, culture and technology they have in the past is very different. That is the gap that the child will carry and solve throughout his /her lifetime. There is no mechanics to teach parenting. Anywhere in the world it is different. The child most of the time carries the burden of problems especially in places where there is no civilized education. I also attribute high suicide rates in our times because of bad parenting.
When a child fails at a certain task, our parenting structure now punish them instead of listening to why they failed in the first place. Instead of helping them, our parenting structure says we should beat them. Instead of reinforcing their learning capacity, we treat them as possessions, that the moment they do meet the parent’s expectation, they are a disgrace to the family. Don’t be surprised if a person loses his path along the way, it is most of the time a product of poor parenting structures.

I was fortunate enough to have crawled my way and have a productive life even though my parents got separated. This is one of the reasons why I get to think about parenting (or poor parenting) quite often.
I’ll leave you some questions and answer them in your own understanding…
  • Where did you acquire your knowledge in parenting? Or where did your parents acquire the knowledge?
  • Is your knowledge enough to lead your child to a better understanding of situations that he/she will handle every day?
  • How resourceful can you get in teaching your child? Are you open minded enough to seek advice or opinions?

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