I write and code to learn.

Every morning I read about resistance, stoicism, make to-do tasks and self-assessment questions, apply gratitude thinking and then write my reflections in a digital notebook.

I try to create content rich daily blogs in this website. Normally a buffet of things that I believe can help other people reflect more on what they do in their lives.

Coding is a form of writing as well. To be able to interact with a machine or a web browser and telling it what to do is a very fun exercise of trial and error.

I’m struggling now but the amount of lessons I am learning is immense. Even the worst circumstances can be the most powerful learning experiences that you will have in your life.

Writing is a powerful tool to communicate and sell ideas. Coding disect problems into sizeable components and solving them much easier.

I’m not asking you to copy what I’m doing but I would love you to reflect on your own growth plan, and hope that you consider that life is long and full of obstacles and learning is a great building block to attain one’s full potential.

visit my website: https://migueldeguzman.github.io

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