The three core values as stated by Sir Napoleon Hill is reflects to the fact that nothing great can be claimed at a mediocre mindset.

  • One must sticky to it through the roughest times
  • One must battle the resistance inside himself
  • One must face all obstacles, never evade them and accept that going through it is the only way
  • One must destroy his old habits and create new productive systems that works
  • One must reflect within and find his own awareness and direction
  • One must hold himself accountable, to himself and the society as to portray great values

Everything I have stated is clearly hard, because it’s easier to not do anything, easier not to exercise, easier to not go with the flow and not question oneself… It is always easy to do bad.

I am in this process right now. I try to persevere and work but the patience is not working for me as of the moment.

It is a struggle.

Patience. Perseverance. Perspiration.

All three must be present to be able to achieve anything with higher importance and impact. A higher vision is essential as well to be able to become more successful in applying the three traits simultaneously. People that are driven have a purpose. This keeps them going. Fueling the flame. Fueling the system.

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