Egyptians were obsessed with knowledge and created the Library of Alexandria which held 40,000 to 400,000 scrolls at a time, filled with librarians / researchers dedicated to collecting and writing all of the world’s information during the ancient times. Though there were also accounts that the library was only created to show the wealth and power of Egypt, it was still used to aid the governance role of the Pharoah at the time.

Then it burned down…

Attacks by Julius Cesar in 48 BC and by Aurelian in 270 AD.

I’m not making this blog to state only what happened. But my main idea after hearing this is that we lost the knowledge written on those scrolls.

Those scrolls could have taught us a lot more. It could have the cure to cancer. Comprehensive accounts for how the early humans existed? Maybe the location of the lost city of Atlantis?

It could have tipped the world in a different direction. The wealth of knowledge that could have been used to guide our ancestors and us.

Another reason why we need to create a log of what we do or more specifically…there is beauty and value for well curated thoughts and experiences.

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