This guy ran an ultra-marathon (100 miles in one day) with both feet fractured at mile 70 then finished the remaining 19 kilometers running…on tape. Not to mention he is 280 lbs. without training at the time. He said he channeled the deepest motivation from all of his troubled youth. He channeled the darkness inside of him. That he explained as his superpower.

Reflecting on his interview in Impact theory.. It’s like a nuclear bomb. I visualize my everyday routine like I’m feeding a flame of focus but after watching his talk, it became a supernova. I was able to finish the first part of smartbrain, a react project from my udemy course on a web development and consumed materials about business and the art of selling through videos and books.

I try to achieve balance in what I do everyday. Though I seek to struggle as it keeps me in perspective, I am also optimistic that beyond my pursuit to learn blockchain and web development I believe that there is a reason why I am doing this and like David Goggins, I want to discover my superpowers to create a long lasting impact to the world.

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