I acknowledge the fact that I’m flawed, hungry and stupid. I was having performance anxieties and panic attacks last week.

The scary task of switching careers and pursuing new opportunities through blockchain and web development haunted me as I left Navotac. Impostor syndrome had a hand on it as well.

I’m starting with a chip on my shoulder,

  • No one in my circle have done a great job at entrepreneurship..
  • No one in my circle have ever transitioned a career in technology..
  • No one in my circle have done a great job at the life I want to live..

That is where my panic attacks started. Encountering it for the first time was so hard because as I try to focus myself on applying what I have learned from my online courses I got jittery..the more I do it, the worse it got to the point that everything I have learned in the course is not transcending to the text files I’m editing.

Then I said to myself “STOP! This is not working.”

And then I just chilled, relaxed and looked for motivation. Started scrolling YouTube… and ended up with Impact theory, a show hosted by Tom Bilyeu that focuses on helping spread the knowledge on how the great thinkers of our time do what they do and achieve the impossible.

Every day since then I consume all of the greatest analogies from highly self aware and intellectual people like Gary Vaynerchuk of Vaynermedia, Chase Jarvis of Creative Live, Jason Mayden by Super, Kurtz Ruzweil, Jay Shetty and many others.

I have attributed most of my great ideas in meditation for the past two months but adding Impact Theory into the mix was a differentiator as it allowed me to compare my thinking patterns to the best of the best, forcing me to advance my narrative on how things should be done, most especially as I’m focusing on the moonlight project (details will be shared in this blog in the future 😊).

A must watch. Impact Theory.

Ps. Two people helped me last week as well. Talking to great people help cure anxiety. Emilia and Amy, guys you are the coolest. Thank you.

visit my website: https://migueldeguzman.github.io

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