This is not easy. It will never be.

The circumstances were not in my favor, I don’t have electricity and internet in the island I was staying and on top of it, I have to do an occasional time intensive sideline / job as a tour guide and travel three days (180kms), work 12hrs a day, on call 24 hours each day.

But despite these hard situations, I still decided to find ways and workarounds to become a web developer. There were few reasons why I had chosen to do this..

First, I believe that technology is such a great way to improve the world or the quality of life we all have, impactful in many ways (that’s why we are building a startup that can help a lot of businesses around the world..). Second, the resources is almost free or no cost at all. Most of the information we need to become good at programming is available in the internet. Third, I truly believe that it will help me to work in another country or work remotely, but I haven’t decided yet what path I will take.

In any endeavor, I guess we need to account the pros and cons of such for us to decide if it’s productive way of spending our focus and time.

Time is the most valuable resource, cannot be purchased by money and the way we use it is the most important decisions we have to make in our lives “.

I choose to become a web dev guy and eventually become a blockchain expert/developer (I’m learning solidity and Ethereum now) as I see the technology will disrupt the world we live in in five to ten years time.

I’ll keep posting topics about this journey, see you in the next blog!

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