Subconsciously, we are instructed to get married at a certain age or even buy a house. Our brains are wired to react to what media, government, religious institutions, schools, employers and even our parents tells us because we’re socially inclined species.

The norms of the society is built because we need to feed the economy. We are zombies in this world.

Watch this video of Ray Dalio and you’ll understand why..

The society forces us to acquire debts, loans, credits and spend. It’s not necessarily bad as this concept fuels the economy. All countries need their economies. It’s bad when we fixate ourselves to owning unproductive things that don’t profit (television, shoes, clothes) or bad relationships (getting divorce) or even creating bad habits (excessive drinking, smoking).

I just want to share this idea to the world. That we are wired secretly by society. Zombies of the economy.

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