Upon learning about the result of the recent barangay elections, I felt so disgusted as a Filipino. It was so horrible, people sold their votes in Calibangbangan Island, Linapacan, Palawan.

Corruption is a big reason why I haven’t registered myself to exercise the right to vote in the Philippines. This systemic problem hindered our country to prosper like SEA countries Hongkong and Singapore..

Though the “tone from the top” is way better now (in my opinion) because of our honorable President Rodrigo Duterte, it is still a problem with the most part of our country since the current administration is still battling the nationwide problem of corruption.

The lack of education disables the minds of my countrymen. They are not mentally equipped to exercise discipline, accept change and fix the problem.

The voters are choosing Php100 to Php500 in exchange for their votes..

Some sell them in replacement of half kilo sugar and a small bag of coffee..

Some even sell it for convenience, because of the fear of rejection and hate by the incumbent Barangay Captain..

The people is the problem. Corruption gave way to abusive minds of government officials and manipulate the mind structure of the tribesmen in the island.

Sad. Just sad. I’m not losing hope as our economic upside is very high because of our president’s efforts to help our country progress in the future and continuous growth in Tourism.

I just see that for people to change, they need a very strong motivation or fear.

That is how I see things will go. I just hope it is not too late for the next generation when we change our minds and take a stand against corruption.

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