I had a lot of setbacks in life and books helped and guided me throughout my struggles to find value and where to focus on.

I constantly look for building blocks and most of them I found in books..
I’m at the stage where creating was my purpose in the world and I see software development will be my canvas for the years to come. Books allowed me to see that.
I could recommend many books here but I’ll focus on the most important ones that changed how I view life in general..the books I’m particularly rereading every now and then..
1. The four hour workweek (4HWWk) by Timothy Ferriss

This book prompted me to quit my job in Dubai and embrace uncertainty. This led me to meeting the most important people I have now in my life. This prompted me to enter the business world. This made me think about location independence, become a digital nomad.
The book will let you learn how to stare at your fears, prioritize (value of combining pareto principle with Parkinsons law) and ask the best questions in life (gun in my head analogy). The last chapter is a must read for all Digital Nomads in my opinion.

Timothy Ferriss changed my life because of his books and podcast.

2. Principles by Ray Dalio

I just read this March 2018 and wished I had read this much earlier. Ray Dalio talks about applying his principles in life and work and how it was able to let him achieve massive success in life, meaningful work and meaningful relationships.

He simply explained that everything works like a machine, the economy, our lives, nature, us are machines that constantly move and react to other machines and create new machines. We could be everything and nothing at the same time.

The book is so massive that it needs to be re-read a couple of times. I highly recommend for someone who would need just one book to explain everything that is happening (in his/her life) and how to deal about it.

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