I’ve been a fan of computer coding since I was college. Games that can be played at the time (Warcraft: DOTA, NBA 2K series, Star Ocean 2, Skyrim) was so cool. I always asked how do they do it? How can graphics be coded to create actions that a video game fanatic can control? It’s so fascinating for me..

I did witness the true power of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets in my first job as a treasury assistant and used it to log five hundred official receipts per day, capturing each information in it. It was an eye opener for me as links to other spreadsheets was mind-boggling for me that time, I had never seen such technology before. That became a breakthrough for me. And since then I searched the best ways possible to store and report data throughout my professional accounting career.

Then years later, I used a similar tool called open office (but less powerful than excel). But this software allowed me to record a series of commands and later compile it and use it in a click of a button. This made my life easier in sorting numerous unorganized accounting data downloaded from a internally built enterprise resource planning software. This was the first program I built.

When I was in Dubai, I combined the Quickbooks to run with Excel spreadsheets and create forms sales invoices and official receipts and other accounting forms.

Owning a DJI mavic was amazing. The mechanical complexities of drones were astounding…one time I lost Coldy (it has a name) in a lake in Vietnam and even though the signal was disconnected for a minute.. It got back to me because of it’s RTH (return-to-home) feature. The videos it can capture is crazy, to think that technically everybody who has a $1,000 can buy such device.

At various stages of my life, my innate fascination about all sorts of technology rewarded me with so much opportunities and unmatched experiences.

Now I’m wrapping up my courses in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.js and Solidity/Ethereum. Computer programming and Blockchain technology will enable me to build more tools for the world to use and enjoy.

visit my website: https://migueldeguzman.github.io

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