When I started to help build Navotac (last April 2017) I didn’t realized that everything I’m doing was all over the place, less focused and less creative. I was a mess in some areas of my productive capacity. I had this problem for a year and I didn’t know it.

It’s the problem of mixing business and creative pursuits in one project..there is too much moving parts for one to handle.

I just realized it now when I detached myself and accepted that I’m leaving paradise.

I realized that my grip on reality is not as strong as I thought I had. Most of what was happening is too optimistic for me. I am a highly positive person and it became a curse in finding the true state of marketing and sales. It was not as profitable in conventional measures.

On the brighter side, the success of Navotac was everyone (guest and other stakeholders) enjoyed the experience of how Filipino Culture is built in every aspect of it. It continues to give jobs to the locals and continuous income to my business partners and for that I’m truly satisfied and happy.

Overall, the positive effects exceeded the negative effects for me. Money is just an end result and not the goal. The things I’ve learned for my first taste of Entrepreneurship is beyond my wildest expectations. I’ll grab each shortcomings, embrace it, build on it for the future. I see this as a new start for me.

Now, I am very excited of what I can build with blockchain and software programming. This is where I’m going to focus as creating very useful technologies. My combination of knowledge and skills keeps me floating to the wonderful opportunities ahead of me.

Got to keep moving, keep learning, keep creating..

visit my website: https://migueldeguzman.github.io

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