Is living and doing business in the islands will be the last stage of my professional life..?

This question baffled me while helping build Navotac, a hostel in Palawan, Philippines.

That question prompted me to think 3 years, 5 years and 20 years forward into the future.

All my answers where different at various stages, for 3 and 5 years it’s no because living in my 30s is the most productive stage of my life. I want to pursue different travel experiences, cultures and wide range of new problems.

20 years forward, it’s a good decision to start a new life in the Islands. The slower phase of Palawan can give us more time to savor all of the rich experiences of the simplicity of life.

That got me to pursuing software development. I choose to code because of its power to create something new. The introduction of new technologies like Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency are pushing the abilities of computers, mobile devices and machines to greater heights. These new technologies creates solutions to problems that becomes opportunities for people who know how to create software.

That is where my aspirations for becoming a coder /programmer / software developer fits. I really want to build meaningful projects and life changing endeavors with computer programming.

I want to build my own business in the future using technology and the internet. It is the next stage of my life. As I venture now to another adventure, the lessons I’ve learned and struggles suffered along the way will be my sword and shield. I’m excited as well to meeting new people and mentors along the way.

I know it’s not going to be easy, it will be much more harder. More trickier. More crazier.

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