Ever wonder why you regret or commit mistakes?

It’s because our brain is genetically wired to side with biases. Its just how it is.
What are these biases that our brains create?
  1. Confirmation Bias – seeking confirmation on your beliefs
  2. Recency Bias – thinking the current positive events will still continue
  3. Overconfidence – overestimating our knowledge and abilities
  4. Bias for short-term gains over long-term compounding effect
  5. Residency bias – too overly fixated by our natural environment and over investing so much time and resources on such
  6. Negativity bias – tendency to lose systematic thinking because of innate focus on the pessimistic nature of events or situations.
And how to combat this biases is really a pain in the ass. Finding the truth in the midst of all that is happening around you will be a challenging but worthwhile endeavor. I guess there will be different answers to how to fight them because our circumstances are all different, let alone our environment as well. But one that always stands out to me as my guiding perspective is becoming truly self-aware. Our awareness on how we react to such biases will trigger us to the right path in solving such.

The book also if I were to recommend here is the War of Art by Steven Pressfield which talks of how the things inside us called the Resistance stops us from doing our calling to the world. It is an easy but powerful read.
Let me know your thoughts on the ideas I’m sharing. It’s a short analogy on Tony Robbins’s Unshakeable book. (Chapter 8) but I applied to life in general.

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