A lot of us go to our normal environments and think that what is happening now in the world will never change or will flow in a straight line chain of events and will not f@ckup. I will tell you this cheat now before things get crazy. Be resilient. Practice resiliency.

And what do I mean by those words? And maybe your saying you have a lot of money in your bank and why do I need to learn resilience?

The thing is… the world works in cycles. You will have your ups and downs and make sure you are resilient enough mentally to figure out your emotions during turbulent times. Emotions leads us to unstable decisions.

A lot of people are fixated that their job won’t change in the future… and then the economy breaks or new technologies emerge and they become jobless and the lives being ran by their bosses words and actions for the past 5 to 10 years will leave them out of direction, then massive pain will cause them to blow what’s good in their lives. Don’t be that person.
It’s better to practice resiliency now instead of learning it while chaos is happening. Too much voices in your head will render you ineffective in finding a correct path.

To become resilient, one must:

1. Study oneself. Find your weakness now and cap it. Find your strengths and amplify it. If you don’t know how to do that. Research. Information is free now through internet and a lot of great books have been created to suffice learning self awareness.
2. Develop new skills. I find that the most important aspect of humans why we became so dominant in the world is we are so adaptive. In the modern era, I believe it is still true. My highly recommended skill to adapt now is learning software development. The next few years, I truly believe will be changing so fast that everyone should know at least how the basics of computer coding and computer science concepts.
3. Learn to fortify the mind as well. For a lot of people, meditation is key to their successes and need for effective use time on day-to-day basis. The route that I took was stoicism. Keeping yourself impartial, and more reflective on what is happening around us is very powerful. Even if you know the bad intentions of people, you will still pursue the good in them.
4. Exercise. Learn a martial art. Go to the gym. It keeps you in perspective of the present while doing mascular activities. This keeps the mind alert and allows the body to be healthy. This is actually my version of meditation.
There are many ways to do this. I’m not expert but what I have shared works for me.
Preparing now is my advice. Don’t be reactive to your emotional responses in the times of turbulence.
Be wise as our time is limited. The hardest trials is the period that we need to be most effective.

visit my website: https://migueldeguzman.github.io

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