I credit my way of thinking to the books I’ve read in various stages of my life.

As far as I can recall, it started 12 years ago with a pirated version of Linchpin by Seth Godin. A few years later..it allowed me to initially listen to my own style as an accountant and allowed me to standout.
When I held my first leadership stint in a construction company was a challenge and I needed to learn the trade that got me to reading the 21 Irrefutable laws of leadership by John Maxwell. It became my pillar for the years to come as I often see more of how company works by just focusing on how the leaders talk to their followers or even how a CEO navigate the organization.
Then that triggered me to read a lot of books on leadership authored by John Wooden and Dave Ramsey
I fell inlove again with books when I was in Dubai. But the new media like YouTube and Facebook pave way to reaching out to a lot of people in the world. Like how I got to read the Four hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss was through a starting youtuber’s vlog. I’m really happy to have seen that video for this book changed the way I look at life, it allowed me to challenge the conventional norms of society and ask the best questions there is in life. Eventually the books led me to more self help and motivational books like:

  • The Power of Now – Ekhart Tolle
  • Unshakeable – Tony Robbins
  • The 4-hour body, The 4-hour chef, Tools of Titans, & Tribe of mentors also by Timothy Ferriss
  • by Timothy Ferriss
  • Crushing it by Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Novels like the Alchemist by Paolo Choelo and The Monk who sold his Ferrari
  • Effective Executive by Peter Drucker
  • The complete software developer’s guide by John Sonmez
  • Leadership gold by John Maxwell
  • War of art by Steven Pressfield
  • Think, grow & rich by Napoleon Hill
  • Losing my Virginity by Richard Branson
  • 7 day startup by Dan Nollan
  • $100 startup by Chris Guillebeau
  • Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman
  • The hard things about hard things by Ben Horowitz
  • Mass Persuasion method by Bushra Azhar
  • Travel books like Vagabonding by Rolf Potts and Bare naked nomad by Liz Wright
  • Principles by Ray Dalio (the book that answers everything)
On top of this, I watch a lot of Jay Shetty and Gary Vaynerchuk’s YouTube material and listen to Timothy Ferriss podcast. I also have two courses in software development on-going.
While doing this article two things popped in my head
  1. I did enjoy reading most especially the last 2 years and…
  2. Most of them, I truly forgot along the way.
Nowadays, I focus on doing 80/20 analysis on most of what I do, especially reading (because I could technically read all day and not do anything productive at all) but now I focus on biz dev and software dev materials because of my pursuits in the fields of business and technology. I’m quite excited to new technologies being introduced like blockchain and Machine Learning.

PS. But hopefully I could find time to finally read Sapiens and Cultural Dexterity.

visit my website: https://migueldeguzman.github.io

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