I started doing this habit of questioning myself and putting it to Evernote almost more than a month ago. And then it evolved to strings of longer bits of information and became full length themes. It became short blogs in medium two weeks ago and then I decided that this is the most sensible way to capture how my head operates right now. Create a blog.

I have come to this point that I need to put this ideas somewhere or my mind will be filled too much of information, experiences and conversations that I encounter when I talk and connect with people, including patterns of history, science, economics and culture.

This patterns definitely is needed to be shared with. I am amazed now with how the world works, I have answers now in various aspects of my life. Travel did start the catalyst for it. Business experiences created strong imprints that cannot be matched. People I’ve met in my travels have explained their views and I’m always fascinated with human nature. The world’s economies is dictating our life. The climate is changing so fast and only a few people is taking a step to alleviate it.

By sharing my ideas through this blog, I hopefully can inspire people to question more things that is happening in the world right now.

Curiosity of the mind is one of the most powerful catalysts for discovery and change. It is also very destructive and one should be careful where you wander your thoughts with.

I’d rather pursue endeavors like this and making productive use of time and brain power instead of being an ass to other people’s lives.

visit my website: https://migueldeguzman.github.io

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