I used to work as an accountant for most of my professional life.

Life has been rewarding after I resigned from my work as an Accountant in Dubai and decided to travel full-time. Those what-if moments that I disregarded to experience more richer moments in life. Things that are exciting. As I aim to share most of my Epic adventures through this website, I’ll also keep in touch with you guys to help you organize the same.

For now, my advice can cover United Arab Emirates, Indonesia (mainly Bali), Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines. The trips I help organize are mainly in Palawan and south Cebu. Just send me a message at my Facebook account or email me at myepictraveladventures@gmail.com. I would be really happy to be a part of your EPIC travel adventures.

It’s either you take over your life or somebody else navigates you to a different direction. Make sure you choose the path you enjoy the most.

Enjoy life to the fullest,


visit my website: https://migueldeguzman.github.io

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